NCCPAC | North Carolina Conservatives PAC
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Who We Are

The North Carolina Conservatives PAC is a coalition of concerned citizens who are weary of the political cronyism that has too often unduly influenced lawmaking in state government. We have formed a political action committee to champion common-sense conservative principles that truly represent the people. We support candidates who will promote economic growth, unleash entrepreneurism, reduce the tax burden, and limit government to its proper role.


Make NC Economically Free

Too often, politicians cater to big corporate donors in the name of creating jobs. Let’s elect legislators who will create a climate in North Carolina where all entrepreneurs and innovators can thrive — using the following two guiding principles: reducing taxes and easing the regulatory burden on citizens and businesses. These two basic principles, applied fairly, allow everyone to better prosper.

Promote Economic Growth

Ronald Reagan once said: “I happen to think that the best social program is a job.” We couldn’t agree more. Policies that get people off government dependency and back to work – including the recent reforms to our unemployment insurance system – have saved the companies that pay these taxes hundreds of millions of dollars. This frees up capital that lowers the cost of starting, investing in, and operating businesses. Detangling employers from the unnecessary burdens and levies from government also drive employment and wage growth for the benefit of all citizens of our great state.

Reduce the Tax Burden

In 2011, the new conservative majority began the long process of reforming an outdated and burdensome, progressive tax code with a flatter tax. These reforms have saved hundreds of millions of dollars for North Carolina’s hard-working taxpayers, and produced record budget surpluses. But more work needs to be done. We support candidates who pledge to continue the path to fairer and flatter taxes for all citizens.

Reduce the Size of Government

Part of making it possible for North Carolinians to keep more of their hard-earned money is the elimination of unnecessary and unconstitutional intrusions by government. This includes the ineffective and excessively burdensome regulatory state, the confiscation of workers’ wages for the redistributive big-government agenda, and the wealth transfer from hard-working citizens to crony capitalists with access to political power. We support candidates who subscribe to principled leadership with fair representation for all constituents, delivering the government services we all need — with special favors for none.